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EasyIn 60M Style

More than just an in-roof module

photo: Solarwatt

The Easy In from Solarwatt from Dresden is more than just a module – it is a complete system. Its first main function is to generate energy. This is done by the 60 monocrystalline solar cells laminated between two glasses. Solarwatt uses two millimetre thick, hardened solar glass with antireflective coating as the front glass. A hardened solar glass with a thickness of two millimetres stabilises the module on the back, which in this way can withstand a pull load of 2,400 pascals and a boost load of 5,400 pascals. The solar cells are embedded between two EVA foils. Since these cells are black, the intrinsic solar technology is hardly visible, especially since the modules are integrated into roofs where the distance to the viewer is greater than to the fa├žade. With 60 cells, the module has an power output of between 300 and 305 watts.

A 20 millimetre thick rail is also glued to the back to which the module is attached on the battens – just like a normal roof tile. Then the craftsman fixes the modules with elbows. In this way, the module perform also as roofing. A ventilation system integrated into the module ensures that the space between the module field and the roof truss does not become too warm. In this way, it fulfils the requirements of the fire protection test according to the DIN ENV 1187 standard.

The module has a roofing dimension of 1,642 x 1,015 millimetres and is used on pitched roofs as a roof integration with a maximum building height of 18 metres. The roof pitch can be between 22 and 65 degrees. If a waterproof sub-roof is used, it can also be used on roofs with a pitch of 16 degrees.

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