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Ökofen, Fronius International GmbH

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All-in-one package for electricity and heat generation

photo: Ökofen

The warm heart of the complete solution from Ökofen from Niederkappel in the Austrian Mühlviertel and the power electronics and storage manufacturer Fronius from Wels for the complete power and heat supply of buildings is a pellet heater. It can be equipped with an additional Stirling engine to generate not only heat but also electricity. This small power plant is integrated into an integrated Fronius system with a photovoltaic array, an inverter, an energy management system and a twelve kilowatt hour battery storage. An additional electric heating element, controlled by the Ohmpilot from Fronius, supplies hot water in summer, when the photovoltaic system is already producing excess energy. Then the pellet burner does not have to start up to heat the water.

600 watts of additional power

If the solar system and storage system do not provide enough electricity, the additional Stirling engine of the pellet boiler starts up. Since this is particularly the case on cloudy and cold days, when the pellet burner has to take over the heat supply anyway, there is just little additional need for pellets because the heater has not to be started separately. The Stirling engine is operated with the heat surplus from the pellet boiler, which is running anyway. With its 600 Watt output, it supports the power supply of the entire building, which can thus be operated completely independently.

A modular design

The complete package has a modular design and can be upgraded individually. Thus, the pellet boiler can also be integrated into existing solar-storage-combinations. The Stirling engine can also be retrofitted if the house owner initially only wants to switch the heat to renewable energies or if the investment funds are temporarily limited. Even the electric heating element or an additional charging station for electric cars can also be retrofitted by the house owner if he does not want to install the complete package at once.

The pellet heater can be connected to the Internet, so that it recognizes weather trends and adjusts performance accordingly. In addition the energy manager of the pellet boiler recognizes at each time, how much electricity the solar plant produces and starts the Sterling engine automatically, if the energy from the roof is not enough. The pellet burner can also be connected to almost any house management system via a Modbus interface. The heating thus becomes an integral part of home automation.

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