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Kreisel Electric


Quick-charging station with integrated battery storage

photo: Kreisel Electric

The Austrian storage producer Kreisel Electric has developed a fast-charging station for electric vehicles that delivers power independently of the current power production. The station contains not only all the charging electronics that can be used to fill up an electric vehicle with up to 55 kilowatts, but also a bidirectional storage unit.
The principle is quite simple: if there is surplus solar power, it is stored in the batteries. If the electric vehicle is connected and the solar power from the roof or fa├žade is not enough, the batteries simply supply the electricity. The advantage is a higher self consumption of the solar power. In addition house owners save an expensive net connection with high power. They can keep the previous connected load and still offer a high charging power for electric vehicles. For business units, it might also be interesting to know that the entire system can be integrated into a swarm storage system and is also able to offer grid services.
The storage needs a ground area of 1.31 x 1 meter and is 2.34 meters high. It contains charging points on the alternating current side, type 2, with a charging capacity of 22 kilowatts and a CCS connection and a CHAdeMO connection on the direct current side, with which the cars can be charged with a capacity of up to 160 kilowatts. On the DC side, the charging station draws power from the integrated lithium-ion storage unit with a capacity of 75 kilowatt hours. A monitored heating and cooling system ensures that the storage unit also feels comfortable. The charging station also includes an RFID card reader so that vehicles from different owners can be charged at the same station and each kilowatt hour can be billed exactly.

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