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Dachziegelwerke Nelskamp

Solar tile G10 PV

Perfectly integrated into the tiled roof

photo: Velka Botička

A houseowner, who has normal roof tiles, but still wants to equip parts of the roof with an in-roof photovoltaic system, will find solar tiles to be perfect. The G10 PV from Dachziegelwerke Nelskamp combines modern design, sustainability and profitable technology with a simplified installation. It comes as a complete module in the width of eight conventional G10 flat roof tiles from Nelskamp (1,984 millimetres) to the site.

This not only speeds up the installation, but also the wiring. Now it is not necessary to wire eight individual solar tiles to each other, but only the complete units. With a height of 399 millimetres, it fits exactly into the dimensions of the conventional G10 flat tile. This means that both variants can be placed parallel on the same roof without any problems in terms of connections or leakages on the roof.The G10 PV has a power of 120 watts. It consists of a black coloured frame in which eight solar cells are integrated. Since Nelskamp uses monocrystalline cells and an additional black backsheet foil, the entire module comes in a chic black design and thus corresponds perfectly with the colours of the conventional G-10 flat tiles. With a weight of 9.5 kilograms, it is also easy to handle for the installer on the flat roof and weighs even less than eight conventional tiles. With a weight of 9.5 kilograms, it is also easy for the installer to handle on the pitched roof and weighs even less than eight conventional tiles. It is attached to the roof batten with eight screws.

The maximum system voltage is 1,000 volts. The individual modules are connected with solar cables with a length of one meter that are coupled with MC4-compatible solar connectors. Nelskamp offers a ten-year product guarantee for the solar tile G10 PV. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees that after a lifetime of ten years at least 90 percent of the nominal power is still available. If the roof tile loose more than 20 percent of its power within 25 years it will be replaced by Nelskamp.

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