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Complete package for all-round coverage

photo: HPS

Home Power Solutions (HPS) from Berlin has developed a complete solution for the energy supply of buildings with solar power. The heart of the solution is Picea. It contains a lead-gel storage tank with a capacity of 25 kilowatt hours, an electrolyser, a fuel cell, a solar charge controller, an off-grid inverter, a ventilation unit, a heat exchanger and an energy management system. In addition, there is a heat storage unit and a hydrogen storage unit. The latter is located outside of the building and can is scalable between 600 and 3,000 kilowatt hours of capacity depending on energy requirements in the building.
The fundamental principle is to supply the building itself with electricity from a sufficiently large solar system on the roof. This should reach a power of already ten kilowatts for a family of four or five. In the case of apartment buildings or commercial enterprises, the generator need to be more powerful. Surpluses are stored in the electricity storage. If this storage is filled, the solar power feeds the electrolyzer, which divides the water into its components. The hydrogen is stored and if necessary – usually in winter, when there is not enough solar power available – it will be returned to the fuel cell. This also guarantees that the lead storage tank will never be discharged too deeply. In addition, the heat released during electrolysis and in the fuel cell is stored in the hot water storage tank.
With this solution, the complete power supply can be covered throughout the whole year. However, a peak load device is still required for the heat coverage. However, Picea can work with all the technologies available on the market, such as heat pumps, pellet or gas boilers or a water-fired chimney.

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