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CS Wismar, Sonnenstromfabrik

Brillant Series

Architectural module with various lighting atmospheres

photo: CS Wismar

With the Brillant series, module manufacturer CS Wismar has developed a panel that is not only perfectly suited for building integration, but is also excellent for lighting control of verandas, pergolas, sunblinds and carports. The customer can choose from two modules with different layouts.
So, CS Wismar offers a module with 48 solar cells. This lets 27 percent of the sunlight through. The shading of the rooms is correspondingly lower than with the 54-cell module, which does not use only 19 percent of the incident sunlight for electricity production. For the same dimensions, the distance between the individual solar cells and thus the degree of semi-transparency varies with the different number of cells.
Of course, because the different numbers of the solar cells also the power of the two modules differ. In the version with conventional monocrystalline solar cells, the power output of the 48 cell is between 215 and 230 watts. The 54 cell, on the other hand, has an power output of 245 to 260 watts. In the variant with high efficient PERC cells, the 48 cell achieves 230 to 245 watts and the module with 54 cells reaches 260 to 275 watts. Both variants are available with and without module frames.
The two versions can also be combined to create different lighting scenes in a larger room thanks to the same outside dimensions. However, the planer need to take care to ensure that modules with different power ratings are not connected in the same string.

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