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Hanwha Q-Cells

Q Flat G 5

Pre-assembled flat roof system

photo: Velka Botička

Hanwha Q Cells has revised its mounting system for flat roofs radically. The installer gets the system now already pre-assembled to the building site in a very compact package. This is possible, because the stand for the elevation of the modules is folded into the base rail. The installer places these base rails on the longitudinal side of the system in a straight line and after that, he has only to unfold the stand. The hinge will be fixed by light pressure on the central uprights. Then, the craftsman can install the modules.
This has also has been simplified by Q Cells. The craftsman places the module in the mounting slot of the central upright, wires it and places it on the bottom module fixture. This is also pre-assembled. It only has to be pushed over the frame of the module and screwed in place.
A cross brace, known from the previous model, stabilizes the system and protects it from „wandering“ on the roof. At the same time, it is the installation void, which exactly determines the distance between the base rails. If necessary, the installer can also place ballast trays between two crossbars. The ballast can also be placed in the base rails.

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