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S10 Pro

Home power plant for independence

photo: E3/DC

The Osnabrück-based storage manufacturer E3/DC has upgraded its existing system S10 to a Pro series. The S10 Pro now includes not only the battery and the storage electronics, but also an integrated solar inverter and an energy management system.

In addition, the customer gets full emergency power functionality. This is because the three-phase storage system establishes its own grid via the energy management system in the event of a black-out. It supplies the building independently of the weather. The energy does not just come from the batteries in the storage. The energy management system also integrates the solar system into the small off-grid that it creates in the house. In this way, the solar power continues to be used completely in the building and for recharging the storage.

However, the system can not only manage the solar system and storage and operate the electrical devices, but also heat pumps and charging stations for electric cars. In this way, the S10 Pro becomes an all-in-one device that can completely operate all energy sectors in the house.

The S10 Pro has a discharge capacity of up to twelve kilowatts. Thus it can really handle electric cars and heat pumps. E3/DC delivers the base version with a capacity of 13 kilowatt hours. However, the system can still be extended to 19.5 kilowatt hours at the customer’s request.

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