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Charging station Momentum C6EU

Fast DC charger for electric cars

photo: XCharge

The China-based Company XCharge has unveiled its range of charging stations and supportive cloud‐based solutions in Europe. The high-power DC charger from XCharge delivers an output of up to 240 kilowatts. That’s around five times the average output generated by the charging stations currently used in Germany, says the company. And it brings electric vehicle (EV) charging times of under 20 minutes.

Devised for the European market, the supercharger C6EU is capable of delivering a maximum of 240 kilowatts.

Capacity is flexible and can be configured in stages of 15, 20 and 30 kilowatts; e.g. 105, 120, 150 or 180 kilowatts. It uses a low‐voltage network with 400 volts and two connectors: CCS Combo 2 and Chademo. This means that all electric vehicles can be charged using all voltage levels. Tesla drivers can use an adapter.

Billing and payment for charging is done using the operator’s app or via conventional RFID and NFC chip cards. The C6EU complies with IP 54 Protection Standards and can thus be installed and operated in underground garages and parking facilities or on supermarket car parks. XCharge products are also certified by TUV Rhineland.

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