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SmartCable and SimpleSockets

Charge and bill with the mobile electricity meter

photo: Ubitricity

The Berlin-based company ubitricity has developed a solution to enable EV charging and transaction-based billing of the charged electricity. Drivers bring along their own intelligent charging cable with integrated mobile electricity meter to the charging spot: the SmartCable. The users close a mobile electricity contract for their cable, for which they themselves can choose the provider. This contract makes it possible to bill all charging transactions processed at ubitricity charge points down to the kWh to the conditions of the mobile electricity contract. Lean system sockets suffice as charging spots: the SimpleSockets.

As communication and billing technology is integrated into the charging cable, the SimpleSockets entail next to no running costs – this makes it possible to roll out charging infrastructure practically everywhere to a very reasonable cost. The SimpleSockets are available in different installation variants – as a stand-alone pole, wall-mounted or even integrated into urban furniture, such as street lights. This way, a suitable charging spot is available for every situation. This solution is especially practical for situations in which the charged electricity has to be billed and allocated precisely or the consumption of the EV has to be monitored in detail, for instance if EVs are used in corporate fleets or when charging in apartment buildings.

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