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E-Charger 600

Electric vehicle fast charging station

photo: Enercon

The large-scale installation of a high-performance quick charging infrastructure is an essential prerequisite for a successful start to e-mobility. Charging e-vehicle batteries in just a few minutes plays a decisive role in improving the operating radius and thus the acceptance of environmentally-friendly e-vehicles.

ENERCON is developing an innovative rapid charging solution for e-vehicles based on its inverter technology. It meets the upcoming standards known as High Power Charging 2 (e.g. HPC 250) with charging capacities of up to 350 KW (DC) and has many grid-friendly characteristics that are also features of ENERCON wind energy converters. These include the highly dynamic provision of reactive power to maintain grid stability.

ENERCON pursues two objectives with the rapid charging solution: on the one hand, creation of a further sales channel for wind energy in another sector as a contribution to the changes that the transportation sector will have to undergo and on the other hand, supporting the efficient operation of charging columns for e-mobility and development of new business areas within the context of ENERCON’s system concept in which ENERCON provides solutions for more added value in relation to its core product, wind energy converters, as a systems supplier for renewable energy.

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