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eeCharging wall box & charging station

Charge at the company location

photo: eeMobility

The company eeMobility provides you with a simple charging solution for charging electric vehicles at your company location. Fleet vehicles, employees with private vehicles and customers can load easily.
The company cares project management, installation, maintenance and billing of amounts due. All this is offered at fixed monthly rates. In this way, you can ensure CO₂-neutral mobility for your employees and customers, who by the way are also mobile on longer journeys with an app and the public charging stations in the intercharge network.

The offer of eeMobility:
Procurement, installation and commissioning of the charging station,
Technical Operation & Maintenance,
Access medium (card, app) for authorizing the user,
Dynamic load management,
Settlement of legal issues: electricity tax, notification obligations,
Optional: 100% green electricity delivery,
Optional: payment by tariff, combination with customer cards / voucher system,
Optional: connection to the public electricity grid.

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