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EBG Compleo

Charging station FLEET

Solutions for commercial car fleets

photo: EBG Compleo

You have to charge more than one car at the same place? In this case our FLEET system is the right charging solution for you! Especially developed for fleet requirements and already field-tested many times.

The appeal of the BASIC FLEET lies in its reduced installation effort – due to the effective laying of access and outgoing cables and the possibility to form new sections at each charging point.

Just avoid elaborate star-configurations. The incorporated busbar system enables the use of cable-cross-sections up to 95 mm². The authorization is also very easy: the RFID-chips can be configured in an easy and uncomplicated manner directly at the charging station.

The FLEET-system is also available as ADVANCED implementation with backend connection. Extremly robust and installable in different ways at a wall (WM), at a post (PM) and as a base mounted version (BM) on a concrete base.

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