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chargeIT mobility

Plug & Play Charging Box Online

Two outlets per charging box

photo: charge IT

The Plug & Play mechanism enables the exchange of the boxes within a few minutes – omitting high cost maintenance on location. The stand or wall bracket systems offer a wide range of installation options where space is limited.

Technical data of the Charging Box Online:
Two outlets per charging box:
Configuration A: 1 standard grounded plug (Schuko), 1 EU type2 charging plug
Configuration B: 2 EU type 2 charging plug (11 kW each)
Authentication via RFID-tag, mobile phone or text message
Apt for public and semi-public space

Online functions:

Authentication via RFID card and/or telephone call
Charging and billing via SMS (optional extra)
Recording and analyzing of charging and local load data
User management with charging statistics
Remote realtime control for the charging infrastructure
Remote maintenance and status check

Server interfaces:

Fleet management
Reservation via smartphone
Billing systems
Load profile management systems

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