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Alfen BV

ICU Eve Mini

Charge with 3,7, 74, 11 or 22 kW

photo: Alfen BV

The Eve Mini offers smart technology in a very small modern case. The Eve Mini comes with integrated GPRS / Ethernet connectivity. The socket version also has a color display. Like the other Alfen charging stations, the Eve Mini was completely designed in Europe and made here, using only A-quality components.

The ICU Eve Mini has many smart features for charging power and smart charging. Like all of Alfen’s charging stations, the ICU Eve Mini is made entirely from A-grade parts entirely in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the Eve Mini has a very attractive price and offers an unsurpassed price-performance ratio.

Just like the Eve, the ICU Eve Mini with power outlet has a color LCD screen that clearly displays instructions for the user. The display also gives you the option to display your own company logo or even advertising.

The ICU Eve Mini can flexibly adjust the charge capacity by connecting it to the smart meter. This means that you always load with maximum capacity. If z. For example, if no other devices are used, the smart meter forwards this information to the ICU Eve Mini, which can then charge at full capacity. In short, the car will charge faster.
The ICU Eve Mini is just like all other charging stations of Alfen SIM-Lock-free. This means that you have the free choice of an optional loading subscription and service provider. Even if you want to change the provider, this is no problem with the ICU Eve Mini and you do not have to replace your charging station.

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