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Huawei FusionSolar

Fusion Home

Inverter efficiency up to 98.6 percent

photo: Huawei

Huawei Fusion Home has the flexibility to meet the range of customer requirements across the residential market. Through the use of more silicon and less copper and Huawei-patented 5-level topology, Huawei Fusion Home increases inverter efficiency up to 98.6 percent. More precise power conversion and control technology, such as the intelligent multiple-level topology, makes the AC output waves smoother and significantly increases the output and efficiency of users’ home energy systems, the company says.

Inside the home, Huawei’s Fusion Home Smart Energy Center is capable of communicating with intelligent home appliances, controlling information and energy flows to maximize the amount of solar power used. The integrated, plug & play, DC-coupling, energy storage interface allows for easy access and the flexibility to add batteries anytime, removing the need for users to invest in energy storage systems from the outset while costs remain high. Built to IP65 protection rating standards, Fusion Home delivers safety to both assets and users, the company says. In addition to natural cooling technology and built-in DC and AC surge arresters, Fusion Home Smart Optimizers ensure that the high voltage on the rooftop can be cut off by rapidly de-energizing each PV module.

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