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BYD Europe

B-Box LV

A low-voltage battery storage system

photo: BYD

China-based BYD now expands the low-voltage battery storage portfolio with the latest generation of the Battery Box LV. The new 48 volt lithium storage system from BYD employs the successful modular design of the energy storage series with battery capacities ranging from 3.5 to 14 kilowatt-hours in one system with one to four modules. The capacity can be scaled up to 42 kilowatt-hours with three systems connected in parallel. It is ideally suited for residential use and medium-size commercial applications.

The system provides a high discharge power and higher usable energy ration than comparable systems in the market. It also employs BYD’s patented innovative connection system which allows for an extremely easy plug-and-play installation without the need to connect cables. The new generation adds an automated support for the connection of three systems to make the scaling up to 42 kilowatt-hours even easier.


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