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Zeversolar ZerverPlan

A cloud-based planning portal

photo: Zeversolar

The new portal ZeverPlan is capable of designing systems with differently aligned module fields. According to the company ZeverPlan 2.0 can also perform self-consumption calculations and recommend suitable inverters for the chosen system design. It supports not only system designs featuring multiple module fields, but also different alignments and tilt angles that can be connected to an inverter with two MPP trackers. The polystring function also allows the user to combine two equivalent parallel strings with different alignments and tilt angles and a single MPP tracker.

Registered users have access to a monthly updated module database, worldwide meteorological data and the option of inputting their own module information, profiles and unique project templates. Project files can be exported and shared with other ZeverPlan users. Based on specified load profiles, the software can also calculate how much electricity would be self-consumed or fed into the grid for the system design in question

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