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Valentin Software

PV*SOL premium 2018

Planing possibility of polystring configuration

photo: Valentin Software

For the input of object data, 3D models in different file formats can now be imported into the software PV*SOL premium 2018 from Valentin Software via a new interface. This makes it possible to import realistic and detailed 3D objects created with photos taken from different perspectives (e.g. using a drone). This will add another important tool to the already existing possibility of importing floor plans, cadastral maps and screenshots from web-based satellite maps (e.g. Google Earth) directly into the 3D visualization and thus integrating them to scale into a project.

Flexibility has been increased with the new version of the design software regarding to the subsequent configuration of the modules, which are automatically placed on an object. The new possibility of polystring configuration allows different strings to be connected parallel or in series to an MPP tracker. This is required, for example, to connect an east-west roof parallel to one MPP tracker. Even different modules in a string can now be interconnected, e.g. defective modules that are no longer available which need to be replaced by similar new ones. Modules with different orientations can now also be connected in one string via the integration of power optimizers.

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