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A plug-in connector with push in connection

photo: Weidmueller

The plug-in connector complies with the IEC 62582 standard and is TÜV-approved. The popular WM4 C with crimp contact can also be used with ease in 1,500 Volt DC photovoltaic systems. The PV-Stick from Weidmüller is a plug-in connector for photovoltaic installations. It thus meets the customer requirement for simple, fast and safe assembly without the use of large and complex tools. The innovative push in connection system saves at least 50 percent of the time required for cabling solar systems – without sacrificing quality.

The plug-in connectors are connected in a few steps: simply insert the stripped conductor in the plug-in connector and turn the screw cap. “An audible “click” indicates a perfect, secure connection”, said the producer Weidmüller. Clear marking on the screw cap provides an accurate guide for determining the stripping length. Wire cross-sections of 4 or 6 square millimetres can be attached to the PV-stick in seconds, without the need for wire-end ferrules, crimp contacts or crimping tools.

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