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PV smart compact

A smart combiner box

photo: Weidmueller

Device connection boxes structure PV systems into different levels and bundle the power of individual PV strings. For this function, Weidmüller is offering the new PV smart combiner boxes which are designed for photovoltaic systems of 1.000 or 1.500 volts DC. PV smart is designed for price-sensitive systems, saids Weidmüller. It is space-saving and virtually maintenance-free, as well as being easy to install. The connection of individual strings – inputs eight to thirty-two, outputs one to two – uses the push in connection system on two central printed circuit boards. They are also home to the requisite individual fusing of the strings in the form of safety fuses (10 x 38 mm) designed specially for DC applications. The PV smart enclosures are made from impact resistant glass fibre reinforced polyester in degree of protection IP 65According to the company the components built into it are certified in accordance with IEC 61439-2 and fulfil the latest safety standards.

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