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SunBrush mobil

SBM Diagnostic app

PV diagnostic service app

photo: SunBrush mobil

Sunbrush mobil (SBM) is expanding its portfolio for diagnostics and monitoring technologies.The SBM Diagnostic solution has been on the market for almost two years. It enables the functional efficiency of solar modules to be thermographically checked by means of a thermal imaging camera that can be subsequently fitted to the company’s cleaning brushes. With its new service app SBM has expanded the combination of cleaning and function control to include real-time capabilities. While previously the data relating to a solar power plant would have been transferred manually, now it can be seen live on a tablet, laptop or stationary computer. This allows power-plant operators to identify defective cells, cell connectors and string diodes at any place. The app is currently available for Android.The thermal imaging camera comes with GPS, allowing users to precisely track specific modules.

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