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Zeverlution 3680

A budget one-phase string inverter

photo: Zeversolar

Zeversolar, a subsidiary company of the German inverter manufacturer SMA, has unveiled the new Zeverlution 3680 inverter for the UK market. This single-phase device with a power output of 3,900 watts features integrated Wi-Fi and an Ethernet connection and offers better performance than its predecessor – despite being more compact and around 40 percent lighter. At a distance of one meter, the noise level is a mere 25 dB(A), making it barely audible even in quiet spaces. On top: Zeversolar has also further reduced the price.

The improvements in performance and the price reduction were all possible thanks to a new design featuring fewer components. “Fewer components reduce not only the design outlay and weight but also the number of potential error sources,” said Andreas König, Sales Director for Europe at Zeversolar. Like the other devices in the series with a power of 4,000 and 5,000 watts, the Zeverlution 3680 also has two MPP trackers, a maximum output current of 16 A, an IP65 enclosure suitable for outdoor installation and a display. Weighing just 11 kilograms and fitted with a Sunclix plug, which is easy to install.




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