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Axistorage Li 7S

Lithium energy storage system with 6.8 kilowatt-hours capacity

photo: Axitec

The energy storage system (ESS) from Axitex is in particular developed for the use with photovoltaic systems and features an energy capacity of 6.8 kilowatt-hours. Due to the compact design the storage can be stacked up to three units high and is flexibly expandable to a maximum capacity of 41 kilowatt hours. This makes the new ESS a solution for residential and commercial applications. The system stands out with its patented safety features and the cycle stability of 6.600 cycles. The integrated battery management system assures the optimum operating condition and a long lifetime of up to 20 years.

One Axistorage unit together with a photovoltaic array is sufficient to provide a yearly self-consumption rate of up to 60 percent for a single-family home. The system from Axistorage is compatible with SMA’s Sunny Island inverter and can be installed and used globally. The ESS works perfectly together with the photovoltaic array and the complete home grid and external power grid. The Sunny Island ensures that all electrical devices in the house have always the best power supply – either from the external grid or from the Axistorage. As a result, interruptions of the external power grid can also be bridged.

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