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Storage system with GridSense

photo: Akasol

Energy storage system producer Akasol presents its new GridSense-compatible NeeoBasix PV storage unit available in two performance classes with 6.5 and 13 kilowatt hours. The energy storage units detect every PV installation and all relevant power consumers in the home, and even optimize all energy flows fully automatically on the basis of learning algorithms and forecasts. Intelligent and offering good scalability, the PV battery system from Akasol can be fitted with the optional GridSense Home Energy Management System, developed by the Zurich-based Alpiq Intec Group. The NeeoBasix unit with GridSense is made for photovoltaic installations in private households and smaller businesses with peak power of ten kilowatts. GridSense-compatible energy management enables all electricity producers and consumers in the building that are fitted with this technology – PV units, heat pumps, boilers, house batteries, charging stations for electric cars and so on – to be managed and interconnected, and allows the loads borne across all devices to be optimized.


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