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HPS Homer Power Solutions


Energy storage with an integrated fuel cell

photo: HPS

Picea from Home Power Solution is energy storage, heating support and ventilation in one unit. HPS based in Berlin has developed a system in which components such as battery, electrolyzer and fuel cell all work together efficiently. Predictive energy management creates a sustainable, electrically self-sufficient and customizable house energy system. In addition, the waste heat generated during the operation of Picea is provided to the house as heating or hot water, thus further reducing your energy bill.

Picea has standardized interfaces and is easy to install and easy to maintain. The system operation is simple and automated. This allows you to manage the energy generated by your photovoltaic solar system according to your needs. In the energy center, all components are integrated to provide maximum performance within limited space. Everything from a single source: batteries, power electronics, ventilation equipment, electrolyzer, fuel cell or the HPS energy manager. All components are integrated in a closed system.

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