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LG Chem


Multi-purpose storage system with high energy densi

photo: LG Chem

The South Korean company LG Chem has developed a stand-alone battery module (SBM). The stand-alone battery module SBM is a separate, multi-purpose energy storage system with high energy density. The very efficient cells are suitable for a variety of applications and off-grid supply solutions – from use as a reliable battery for systems integrators to module monitoring. The SBM functions as a building block and reliable battery source for system integrators. The master module also monitors slave modules, and its one-touch button automatically registers each module’s ID to the system.

This versatility is thanks to a charging strategy which ensures the ideal charge transfer between battery modules. The system is durable and easily maintained, retaining 80 percent of its initial capacity after ten years. The design is compact, space-saving and fits into a standard 19-inch rack. The EES Award jury panel was impressed by the easy system connection and integration of up to ten battery modules.

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