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ASD Sonnenspeicher

Pacadu Flex

Expandable Storage system

photo: ADS Sonnenspeicher

Pacadu Flex from ASD Automatic Storage Device is according to the firm the only energy storage system for private use where both capacity and output can later be adjusted. Until now, operators have been accustomed to having to select a certain size when purchasing traditional energy storage systems. Expansions are generally only possible for a limited period of time after being put into operation. However, it is highly probable that requirements will change over time – be it through increased consumption, due to an electric car or heat pump or through expansions to the PV installation.

Pacadu Flex not only opens up the possibility of easily increasing the battery size without interrupting operation, it also offers reserves for both capacity and output. Storage systems which start out small (the smallest standard configuration of the Pacadu Home 64 is two kilowatts and 5.1 kilowatt hours of usable capacity) can be expanded up to nine kilowatts and 28.8 kilowatts, if there is enough space at the installation site. This enables the Pacadu Flex to close the gap between home storage systems and project storage systems used in industrial settings.

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