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Hoppecke Batterien

Sun Systemize

A large hybrid storage system

photo: Hoppecke Batterien

The Sun Systemize energy storage system from Hoppecke combines the benefits of lead-acid and lithium batteries.Its first use is in the power grid. The hybrid system stores energy and feeds it back into the grid at short notice when needed, helping to keep the supply frequency stable at 50 Hz. This makes energy storage systems more important.

Hoppecke’s hybrid storage system also offers solutions for other scenarios: The system helps compensate for the fluctuating energy supply and consumption. In e-mobility, electrical vehicles can only be truly environmentally friendly if the energy used to power them also comes from renewable sources like wind or solar. This leads to heavily fluctuating input. But charging the vehicle requires the maximum amount of energy to be provided as quickly as possible. In energy marketing, energy is traded on exchanges in the blink of an eye. Here, producing and storing cheaper energy to sell at a profit later on can be a worthwhile strategy. The energy is stored in the hybrid system. And on top: The storage system is covering peak consumption in industry.

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