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NES Energy

NES-I Storage M

DC lithium battery storage in modular units

photo: NES Energy

The high-voltage modular units from NES can be combined in a flexible way and easily optimized for different applications like homes, trade, industry and substitute power supplies. NES-I Storage combines highest safety, longevity and flexibility. More features of the system according to NES:

– Plug & play technology for fast mounting & installation
– Flexible, modular system design for new and existing plants
– Battery cells with ceramic separator for high safety and longevity demands
– High-voltage technology designed for low costs and optimum efficiency
– Fundings are applicable, like the KfW 275
– Maintenance contracts allow up to 20 years warrantee
– Charge and discharge power up to 10 kilowatts
– Interconnectivity: Each NES charging converter can handle up to 6 NES-I storage M

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