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Storage for flexible storage and self-consumption

photo: E3DC

Due to the use of the Quattroporte series from E3/DC in an AC-controlled operation, the requirements for storing energy is the presence of grid-compatible alternating current. In the example of photovoltaic systems, this will be managed via an existing PV inverter. The battery inverter, integrated within the AC current storage, converts the grid-compatible alternating current into direct current, which then can be stored in the batteries. If the battery is used for domestic consumption, the direct current is converted back to alternating current and distributed in the house as required. The construction of the Quattroporte series is modular and can be adapted individually to the needs, whether as a private or a commercial customer. Battery modules of 5.3 kilowatt-hours per module are available with a usable capacity in a single Quattroport case of 21.1 kilowatt-hours (4x modules). These cases can be combined as a complete system up to 63.4 kilowatt-hours.

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