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A vanadium redox flow storage system

photo: Voltstorage

The Voltstorage100 series from the Munich–based company is now available on the German storage market. The Vanadium Redox Flow (VRF) technology has been used for many years as a storage technology for wind or solar energy in bulk storage systems. The power storage unit is particularly durable, as it can be charged and discharged in over 10,000 cycles without losing any capacity. Thanks to VRF technology, it does not only outper-form conventional home batteries in charging cycles but also guarantees a capacity of 100 percent even after ten years of operation, says the firm.

The recyclable vanadium electrolyte used for the battery consists largely of pure water. Therefore, even in the event of external disturbances or malfunctions. It’s not inflammable nor explosive, so Voltstorage. The environmental footprint of Vanadium can be kept to a minimum as it is mainly extracted as a by-product of iron production. Its storage capacity of 6.8 kilowatt-hours and 4.5 kilowatts of power are designed for family households.

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