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MyReverse Matrix

A flexible battery system

photo: Solarwatt

Solarwatt expands its flexible battery, MyReserve Matrix. Each battery module now holds ten percent more energy – while staying the same size. By using new, more powerful battery cells the storage capacity of a single battery module has increased from 2.2 to 2.4 kilowatt-hours. The MyReserve control unit (Command) and five battery modules can now hold a maximum capacity of 12 instead of the previous 11 kilowatt-hours. The MyReserve Packs with the new battery cells are fully backwards compatible with all previous versions of the battery, Solarwatt says.

With these new battery cells, which can handle more than double the charge or discharge cycles as before, the company is preparing for future use cases which require many charging and discharging cycles per day. In order for the battery to last a long time, calendar aging must be delayed as long as possible. This is the task of an intelligent battery management system (BMS). Solarwatt‘s batteries have a BMS that captures and monitors scores of data each second. Each line of the software used was programmed by the company engineers themselves.


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