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Smappee Plus

Real-time data with energy monitoring

photo: Smappee

Smappee Plus is the latest innovation from Smappee’s suite of energy monitoring solutions. The product integrates Smappee’s patented NILM (short for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) technology with submetering clamps to measure real-time energy use from household electronics and appliances, providing consumers with an unprecedented level of insight into their personal energy use.

Ideally suited for homes with solar and other renewable technologies, Smappee Plus acts as an energy traffic controller by directing the energy flow within a users’ home to maximise both energy efficiency and clean energy payback. As an increasing number of homes become more and more featuring multiple energy installations such as solar, heat pumps and batteries, Smappee Plus has been designed for the modern smart home, and includes the capability of peer-to-peer energy trading on smartgrids using blockchain technology.

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