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Kostal Solar Elektrik

Piko BA

Battery storage system with extension

photo: Kostal

Kostal Solar Electric has previously, with the Piko BA System, relied on a complete package in combination with the lithium battery of the “fortelion” brand. In future, the Kostal battery inverter should open up many possibilities with a view to the connection possibilities of the battery. In a first step, the PIKO BA will, in addition to being compatible with the fortelion battery, also be compatible with the innovative BYD battery storage, which has both a modular design and an exceptional price-performance ratio. This trend towards more selection possibilities will also be continued in future, and will reach its zenith with the new battery inverter. Like the current Piko BA, this new product will be available in the power classes between 4 and 10 kilowatts and will likely be on the European market by the end of 2017.

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