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AEG Power Solutions

Convert SC Flex

Bi-directional power converter

photo: AEG

The Convert SC Flex bi-directional power converter with IGBT technology is based on the experience of AEG Power Solutions in both power supply and conversion. The new system benefits of an enhanced power range up to one megawatt for a single unit. On top it provides a good conversion efficiency factor for both the charging and discharging phases. Convert SC Flex offers a wide range of DC input voltage which spans from 330 to 1000 volts. This allows using the converter with any type of battery technology, AEG says.

As the core element of any battery energy storage system, the converter charges and discharges batteries to store or provide power according to the application requirement such as frequency control, peak shaving, energy shifting, or voltage control. As its predecessor SC.600, the Convert SC Flex includes an option for seamless transition between off-grid and on-grid mode.

This extends the battery energy system’s usage beyond its core functions, such as peak shaving for system back-up in the event of a grid blackout. This feature is crucial when battery energy storage is used in areas where grid reliability is at stake or for full off-grid applications.

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