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Edison Energy

PID solution

Device for preventing potential-induced degradation

photo: Edison

Pidbull NV, a subsidiary of the Belgian Edison Energy Group, is presenting solutions for preventing potential-induced degradation of solar modules, known as PID, which can lead to significant yield losses. The new version of the Pidbull solution for string inverters has an additional communication module that records abnormal voltage fluctuations in the modules and reports them to a central monitoring platform. If preferred, a service technician can also be automatically alerted via SMS. Therefore, in addition to effective recovery from PID, plant operators have another tool for early detection of potential performance losses in their photovoltaic system.

The easy-to-install Pidbull solutions are used in a growing number of photovoltaic systems in central Europe. They can be quickly and easily integrated into existing systems and offer an impressively fast return on investment. The Pidbull solutions can eliminate output losses caused by PID in just three months. The average increase in output is 21 percent. Pidbull expands in Europe forward via qualified distribution partners, particularly in Germany, Great Britain, Greece, France, Italy and Spain, as well as in other countries.

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