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First Solar


A solar energy modeling tool

photo: First Solar

PlantPredict from First Solar is designed to develop energy estimates applications. The Version 5 was released in November 2017 and includes several new features. Most notable of the new features is batch processing capability, which allows users to run up to 350 predictions at once while varying DC/AC, azimuth, tilt angle or GCR between runs. First Solar also released a publicly available international data source from NASA-SSE.

PlantPredict offers users the option to import plane-of-array irradiance (POAI) in weather files. This is a tool for users who have measured or modeled POAI and wish to bypass the transposition model (and its associated error). On the backend, the algorithm uses the NREL developed GTI-DIRINT model to estimate diffuse and direct irradiance from POAI for shading calculations. First Solar added also a 3-D DC Field visualization tool to aid users in seeing how their inputs affect the layout of the DC Field both with and without slopes.

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