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Solar fastener Type A/BZ

Solar fastener prevents the roof surface being damaged

photo: Reisser

The certified Reisser solar fasteners should be used with all roofs with trapezoidal profiles, sandwich elements and corrugated fibreboard coverings. The solar fastener is anchored in the substructure that absorbs the tensile and compressive forces. This means that the weight of the solar system as well as wind and snow loads are not transferred to the thin cover. This prevents the roof surface being damaged. The tightness of the joint is optimised through a top chord connection with a sealing washer and saddle washer or umbrella sealing.

The Reisser solar fasteners are available for substructures made of wood (type A) or steel (type BZ) with a self-tapping thread. It is based on the sealing screw faba type A for wooden substructures or type BZ for steel substructures. It is connected by a welding process with a threaded pin. A positive connection is established when complemented by hexagon head nuts, lock nuts, washers, sealing washers and bell sealing or saddle washers and depending on the application.

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