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A mounting system for flat roofs

photo: Renusol

The producer of mounting systems Renusol presents the optimised FS10-EW system for mounting photovoltaic systems on flat roofs without penetration.In the new system, the screw joint between the rails and connectors does not need any nuts. The system requires just five main components and the standard Renusol module clamps, which makes mounting and storage very simple. The maximum rail length is 2.3 meters. Fewer components and shorter rails provide advantages for wholesalers, who require less storage space. This means for installers aquick and easy mounting. Thanks to the innovative connection system for the horizontal rails, the system can expand and contract to accommodate temperature fluctuations without slipping. According to Renusol the construction boasting a system area load of 1.2 kilograms per square meter without a module and ballasting.

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