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Schletter Group

Rapid 16

Module clamps fit all standard systems

photo: Schletter

Schletter Group launched the complete redesign of the Rapid 16 module clamp family in addition to pre-assembled module kits. It is suitable for mounting all standard solar module sizes. It has been completely re-designed from scratch. With just a handful of product variants, this intelligently designed clamp covers the entire range of applications. Thanks to rotatable clamps and flexible clamping widths, it is suitable for mounting all standard module sizes – with both vertical and horizontal clamping.

This facilitates planning and installation for users. For traders, this reduces the expenditure for warehousing dramatically: instead of keeping as to date over 190 product variants in stock, five suffice in future. This is achieved thanks to the clamp’s design. Unlike its predecessor, which was available in numerous fixed clamping widths in one-millimetre increments, the clamping range of the Rapid 16 is flexible, with the low module clamps being capable of holding modules with a frame height of 30 to 40 millimetres, and the higher ones being designed for frame heights of 40 to 50 millimetres.

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