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A mounting system for flat roofs

photo: Schletter

FixGrid 2018 from Schletter combines the versions of the FixGrid and AluGrid systems, resulting in even more simple and faster assembly. Furthermore, the system is capable of withstanding higher wind and snow loads, making it even suitable for places exposed to extreme weather. The added flexibility of the system makes it possible to reduce costs: Windsafe plates and ballast tubs only have to be used where they are actually needed for technical reasons. At the same time, the FixGrid 2018 is now even more durable than the previous model, says Schletter. The developers at Schletter continue to use a modular design for the FixGrid 2018: Almost all components, such as the Rapid16 panel clamp, are from Schletter’s standard range and are also part of other assemblies.

For the fastest possible assembly, the FixGrid 2018 comes in several kit variants that will cover the majority of applications: For east-west-oriented arrays, the Schletter Group offers kits for two or three pairs of solar panels. For elevated south-facing solutions, the system is available for two or three rows of panels. It maintains the rows as a single unit, and any configuration of panels can be realized. As a planning tool, there is the free Configurator from the company.


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