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MT and HT series

Up to 32 kilowatt three-phase string inverter

photo: SolarMax

With immediate effect the SolarMax Group is offering its six to 32 kilowatt three-phase string inverters with free additional features. With every order for MT and HT series inverters the SolarMax group is gifting its customers one MaxWeb XPN data logger per photovoltaic system. The data logger acts as the remote monitoring hub, recording current measurements, yield data and events.

This self-learning energy management centre regulates the energy flow and passes the energy requirement on to the availability. The MaxWebportal, for the use of which there is a small annual fee, enables the visualisation of all power production, self-consumption and power saved. The inverter manufacturer will be continuing this offer until at least the end of the year. Further features that the two inverter series offer include integrated grid and system protection, both of which are prescribed for photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 30 kilowatts and above. With Series MT and HT inverters, SolarMax customers can simply use the internal power supply as a section switch for the central grid and system protection.



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