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SMA Solar Technology

Tripower Core1

Freestanding string inverter for commercial PV systems

photo: SMA

The Sunny Tripower Core1 from SMA combines design and an innovative installation method. The 50 kilowatts inverter from SMA reduces installation time of commercial PV systems considerably. Nominated for the Intersolar Award, the Sunny Tripower Core1 is according to SMA the world’s first freestanding string inverter for decentralized rooftop and ground-based PV systems in the commercial sector.

The new Sunny High Power Peak1 comes with 75 kilowatts of power and is ideal for use in PV power plants with decentralized architecture. The Sunny Tripower 60 successor is optimized for use in systems based on the concept featuring the central installation of string inverters in large industrial and ground-based PV systems by combining maximum flexibility in system design with significant cost savings.


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