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Kostal Solar Elektrik


Battery inverter offers more possible uses

photo: Kostal

The new Plenticore plus from Kostal has a broad range of possible uses and options, with all important functionalities combined  in a single device, while the battery inverter remains at the core of every PV system. Plenticore plus also enables the storage of DC or AC power through the connected battery storage system. This means that electricity can be stored from a range of different sources. Potential AC power sources include combined heat and power (CHP) units, additional inverters or other external renewable energy sources.

According to Kostal higher yields and self-consumption rate are achieved with the new battery inverter, in addition to easy integration with smart homes. Plenticore plus also offers more battery options, being compatible with different high-voltage battery storage systems, such as BYD or Kreisel. In addition to two PV inputs, the battery inverter also has a combi input. This means that the inverter can be connected in more ways with a battery or solely as a string inverter with 3 MPP trackers.

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