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Ingeteam Power Technology

Sun PowerMax B Series

1,500 volts DC inverter series

photo: Ingeteam

Ingeteam from Spain presents its latest 1,500 volts DC inverter series: Ingecon Sun PowerMax B Series inverter. With this central inverter it is now possible to deliver an output power of up to 1,640 kilowatts in a single power block up to 30 degree celsius, reaching a power density of 326 kilowatts per square meter. Thanks to this powerful inverter and to the possibility of connecting up to four inverters to the same LV transformer winding, Ingeteam achieves up to 6.55 megawatts in a single turnkey MV Power Station at 1,500 volts DC. The 1,000 volts DC version of this central inverter family from Ingeteam is able to provide 1,165 kilowatts up to 35 degree celsius ambient temperature.

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