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Kaco New Energy

Blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly

String inverter offers reactive power

photo: Kaco New Energy

The blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly from Kaco New Energy serves yield protection in solar parks and grid management. In order to support grid stability, German PV inverter producer Kaco New Energy introduces the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly. According to the company this unit can feed in reactive power at any time in order to maintain the grid voltage in the specified tolerance range – a key contribution to grid management.

When there is a lot of sunshine, solar parks feed large amounts of energy into the grid; when there is less sunshine, they naturally feed in considerably less and grid impedance can fluctuate accordingly. One useful means of compensating for the resulting fluctuations in the grid is to provide what is known as reactive power. This is where the new blueplanet 50.0 TL3 RPonly comes in: this AC-coupled inverter from Kaco New Energy enables operators of solar power plants, or transport networks, to provide the necessary amount of reactive power correction, by day or by night.

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