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REFU Elektronik

REFUsol 100K

String inverter offers up to 100 kilowatts

photo: Refu Elektronik

The new REFUsol 100K is the continuation of the REFUsol 8-23K and REFUsol 40/46K string inverter ranges. It can be connected to any grid voltage between 380 and 480 volts AC offering power between 83 and 100 Kilowatts. The device underlines REFU remaining true to its global approach offering maximum compatibility, flexible installation and easy serviceability. The REFUsol 100K from REFU can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position as required by the site conditions. It is available in two variants – with either fused direct string connections for distributed designs, or for a centralized design with a single DC input.

The string inverter is commissioned via app (available for iOS and Android) which connects seamlessly with Bluetooth to the inverter. The integrated, fail-safe Ethernet daisy chain (alternatively RS485) allows cost efficient high-speed monitoring without special accessories. Each inverter is individually connected to REFUlog for professional monitoring, configuration and remote firmware updates.

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