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DNS inverter series

Stringinverters designed for a high level of home safety

photo: GoodWe

With a low start-up voltage of only 120 volts and the widest voltage range of 80 to 550 volts, these inverters can provide high performance and greater options for any household system, while maintaining a child-friendly design without sharp edges and safer to manipulate, says the China-based company. GoodWe DNS series inverters feature an optimized, ergonomic design which convenient installation and service and a low-profile electrical system that is safer to manipulate and friendlier for kids and pets in the house.

With power categories ranging from three to six kilowatts the DNS series inverters have a compact size and light weight. They are IP65 rated and can be mounted either indoors or outdoors. GoodWe DNS series inverters also feature a secure plug-and-play installation without opening the inverter and an integrated DC disconnect switch.

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