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Kaco New Energy

Blueplanet 3.0 TL3/ 4.0 TL3

threephase stringinverters

photo: Kaco New Energy

The growing penetration of the grids by decentralised solar power plants, however, led to the awareness that the energy turnaround will not be stopped. As a result, the pressure to feed in three-phase for reliable load distribution increased. In Germany, this has always been compulsory from 4.6 kilowatts upwards. Countries such as Austria or Switzerland decided for such a limit later on, and drew it at 3.0 kilowatts. Consequently, Kaco new energy has opened up the product range of inverters with an AC output of up to ten kilowatts to lower outputs. In addition to the six larger units from five kilowatts upwards. Customers can now also plan with the new units with three and four kilowatts inverters for residential PV systems and for small commercial applications.

The new blueplanet 3.0 TL3 and blueplanet 4.0 TL3 inverters have two MPP trackers, each of which can process the full DC power; they start from 200 volts of applied voltage; and they operate stable up to 950 volts. These features allow for optimal PV system design with these inverters and rank them among the most flexible three-phase inverters of their performance class on the market. Thanks to fast cabling of the DC and AC peripherals by means of plug connectors and quick menu selection via the graphic display, installation is easy because of the compact housing with IP65 protection, Kaco says. Data logger and web server are integrated.

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